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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Classic Trail Challenges

Classic Trail Challenges from Oldknobblies

A unique experience to ride Classic Off Road Motorcycles on some of the most fantastic surrounding and scenic parts of Wales (Including the foothill of the Cumbrian Mountains and some of the routes of the famous 1983 ISDT) The aim is not for the Hard-core or Racers on the latest off road toys, we welcome the newcomers and these riders that years ago did stop off road, then now would like to re-experience green laning within a small group of like-minded people.




What we are offering :

  • Guided "Classic" Trail/Green laning Rides as per Packages Descriptions
  • We proud ourselves to be well-mannered and using only by-ways and legal right of way
  • From experienced riders to novices, we will accommofate the routes and the group
  • The package includes 3 days Trail Riding with your favourite Vinduro Bike (Bring a second one if you wish)
  • Small group of riders with 1-2 experienced guides
  • Superb settings at the farm, great food (Breakfasts and tasty 3 courses dinners)
  • Accommodation in our own independant Cottage (Shared Rooms)
  • Secured garage for our motorbikes
  • Powerwash and other helpful services
  • Prices may vary per month/dates, please see appropriate Package


What we ask and expect from you:

  • Prior to click your booking, please read carefully “the Terms & Conditions” and “Cancellation Policies”
  • Your motorcycle/s need to be road legal and insured. (Not too noisy and working lights) 
  • This is not a competition event, so be friendly and considerate, we may have some “Muddy/Deep puddles situations” or few mechanical niggles, we start and we all finish together!
  • Enjoy the ride! Whatever the weather
  • Bring along a good dose of humour and any old tales are welcome
  • Then relax, you know it will be a great little break, hopefully memorable, refresh a bit your riding techniques and make new friends ...priceless! 


Example of Classic off road Motorcycles we had the past few years!

  • SWM 175cc 1978 RS.GS
  • SWM 250cc 1978 RS.GS
  • SWM 370cc TF1 1980
  • Jawa 350cc 1976 (original Gold Medal at the 1976 ISDT with John May)
  • Jawa 250cc (Ex ISDT Trophy Team)
  • Puch Frigerio F2 250cc 1979
  • Puch Frigerio F3 347cc 1980
  • SWM 315 GTS 1982
  • SWM 250 TF1 1980 (Ex ISDT)
  • SWM 175c TF1 (Ex ISDT)
  • SWM 250cc TF1
  • Montesa 360cc H6 1980
  • Montesa 370cc H7 1982
  • SWM 125cc TF1 1981
  • Husqvarna WR 240cc 1983
  • KTM 250cc GS 1981
  • Bultaco Frontera MK10 360cc 1976
  • SWM 125cc Silver Vase 1976
  • CZ 250cc 1974 and 1 x 1975
  • Fantic 125cc Trial 1979

Few from Japan

  • Yamaha XT 500 1977
  • Yamaha TT 500 (USA Model) 1978
  • Yamaha IT 250cc 1985
  • Yamaha IT 175cc 1983
  • Yamaha IT 200cc 1983
  • Suzuki PE 400cc 1980
  • Suzuki PE 175cc 1980 (Twinshocks)
  • Suzuki PE 175cc 1985 (Full-Floater)
  • Honda XR 200cc 1980
  • Yamaha DT 125R 1997 (and some up to 2000)
  • Yamaha 125 DTMX 1988
  • Kawasaki KMX 125cc  1997
  • Suzuki TS125R ( 1991 & 1993)
  • Suzuki DR 400cc 1980 

and few moderns mixed in the lot....

(mostly the same riders with two motorcycles for the duration of the event)

  • KTM 600cc Adventure 1995?
  • GasGas EC 250cc 2011
  • Honda CRF 250 2009
  • KTM 200cc (2 Stroke one) 2008
  • Yamaha WR 250R 2009
  • KTM 690cc x 2  2016
  • Yamaha 125 WR (2012)


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