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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Mar 28 2021 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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1000's of miles... in a van!




The ISDT Centenary Celebration in Cumbria





Well I will not drag it too long as I did not finish…as usual 





I was feeling great the first 2 stages and clocked on time (and we are very-very few to do so), even with the quite odd petrol stop.




 The 370cc SWM was flying…actually literally as I never saw anything else for the rest of the Rally.

 A silly fall (as they all are) at quite high speed downhill on gravel,

miss how sharp was the turn and finished in a ditch…

 result after few hours at the local Hospital...

a presumed broken thumb…not again!

Yes, it was confirmed weeks later in London.



   after the Saturday rest, I could not miss the Celebration ride with my friends, and I promised to Jim & Dot Jones that I will do it…



so, took many pain killers, a super “latex type” band very tightly and expertly fixed on my left by the paddock paramedic…and at last a large mechanical glove to cover it all!

 Here we go, ready for a 144 or so miles ride …

OK, it was very-very little off road tracks, most of the originals 1913 tracks are now tarmac, or nearly.


The ride and sceneries were fantastic,
my left hand did hurt a bit and needed to change gear without clutch, but Rotax engines is ready for that, Bless!





 Thank you to Mark Molineux for this superb picture and all his involvment with the event


I did it, got my finisher medal...

but most importantly got a huge hug and a kiss from Dot Jones…and that is great as they genuinely are so devoted to these events,
so committed to "make it special".....from the organisation to the endless tales of their superb life around off road motorcycles…


that is gratifying and I can only admire and respectfully thanks their efforts.







  friends on the starting line  


Paul Cook on SWM, German friends on KTM & PE  and Nigel on a.... demanding 360 Montessa




here we have Steve Gard on a Triumph, Peter Howell on my Ex 440 SWM,


Sam Davvidson on SWM TF1

and an English man living in France

 that came for this event and rode his 250 Cagiva..great stuff!





The Exhausts story continue...





250cc TF1...beautiful!




Made to order for 175cc as pictured on mine (painted to show it looks very similar as original’s ones!)


   I have now a little stock of exhausts and some silencers for the 250 and 347/370 & 440cc TF1 models




Soon working on the quite special and very much in demand...

  the RS.GS full system





Novegro 2013




That is a vintage motorcycles, cycles and cars market near Milan




Quite a lot of English were present, but mostly French, Belgium and of course lots of Germans that are the main visitors beside Italians


For me, it was a first… a must visit I heard and where abundance of motorcycles parts, a bit like Telford outside the main buildings...but you can multiply by 30 in terms of exposure and size 

Well, the weather was OK on the Friday, the gates open at mid-day as all morning was a frenzy of 100’s of sellers getting their bits & pieces out of the vans and sometimes...straight tipped on the ground.


 a bit for everyone taste!





great machines...at a price!



 This one was for sale 5000 euros +
then sold on Saturday late morning... a very rare 100cc Silver Vase




Paradise for Fantic Fans

50 & 80cc are stars on the continent

some oddities

some more


 enough everywhere to make a big damage to your walet 

   a DIY SWM, made from various parts and models

 a proper SWM....  even if the gear box was a bit tricky



   not great for the Hot Trod or the Ryedale Rally, but top restoration




SWM Stand with Mauro Sironi in the center

Huumm...not sure of the forks and the throttle on this TF3 model (sorry!)




Lots of scooters


 This poorly Ducati in needs of a good home,
before been broken for parts


I had a list prepared… did found 80% of it

for SWM parts it was not at all as I was expected… a bit scarce!

The pricing was of course mostly in the head of the seller…
and after a glance at you,
they fire way some quite shocking figures,

for example, I was interested in a 21” front wheel for my 80cc,    

so with a 120mm hub and one was in good condition,
but without any brake assembly, only the rim, spokes and hub
Oh and a very old security gripper…
the seller asked 120 euros for it 
I tried to tell him that for the same price I just bought a pair of wheels for a SWM Trial and fully complete even with worm tyres and axles!

 Guess what was his answer…very similar to an f word in UK



Another example of craziness when it’s too much demand…

A pair of Marzocchi AG2 rear shocks, the 375mm ones

with a single spring and not even in 12mm shafts…

asked price of 220 euros

 and trust me when I say that they were leaking oil,

 even just to pick them up from the ground and look at the chromed shaft properly,

 dribbles of oil were apparent on the springs and everywhere…

at least the shafts were not rusty, but I would expect to pay only around 120 euros max

 (will cost another 100 euros for a full restoration, kit, paint, bushes etc…)



a rusty tank cap for SWM first series....25 euros
but would leave it at 20.00...I was going to offer him only a fiver...
that is ridicule!


I regret no having taken more pictures,




but the weather was wet the rest of the weekend, but for bicycles from any decades, from road bikes to  very interesting ones powered by a tiny 2 strokes engine, that was probably the biggest exposition of this kind and lots of these push bikes were sold and rolled out of the park ...



Equally, it was few vintage cars…mostly reproduced parts for the legendary Fiat 500 and other of the kind.



So, it was really worth a visit, an eye opening on some fantastic machines, and for parts….you will find most of it, but take a lot of more money than you may have speculated!







So, what did I brought back?



Well beside few SWM new and second parts;



I found and fell for a 50cc machine!

  even if it takes me few years… I will restore it beautifully.


  A Motobécane D55TT enduro from 1976/77


A french Manufactured motorcycle for once!


as you can see, in fair condition but mostly original.  


   and what should be as original in 1976



so, not too far out....I am very happy with my purchase
It does run poorly at the moment,
nothing significantly wrong with the mechanic
   I already bought for it some vintage mudguards and a set of original levers

if I found a seat cover....?

 it will be very-very nice.... one day!





What next?




a promise to myself






·   Tidy up the garages (already bought some good shelving and boxes, so within 2 months I should know exactly what parts I have, which ones are for sale and the precious ones for the future)




·        Build some SWM …mostly the Mini Cross and the Regolarita 50cc for the Telford Show



·        Do some more exhausts, mostly working on the RS.GS front pipes and silencers



·        Refurbish lots of rear shocks, from Marzocchi AG1, AG2.3, AG4 & the infamous MX580 and some Corte Cosso.





·        Keep trying to keep fit




     well, that are my plans up to January …yeah …it may happen!



aims for the rest of 2014   

  just do it... while you can!







Trail riding in Wales



another experience next year but this time in June!




from the 02nd till 05th 



or from the 06th till 09th June






·        3-4 full days trail riding you favourite vinduro bike (bring a second one  if you wish)




·        Beautiful settings, great food (Breakfasts and tasty dinners) accommodation (our own independent cottage) and litle surprises… 


·        6-8 riders only per group 


   Due to popular demand, 2 different sets of dates/groups for this year!





·        Only one rule, be friendly and enjoy the ride! ….whatever the weather 





contact me from this site for price 


               and more details if interested   







 that is it for this issue

hopefully lots of you see you at Telford 



Cheers, Philippe.