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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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100cc Challenge

 100cc Challenge

Well it all started last October (2019), around the table after trail riding with an usual group of friends that came many times.

Based on the fact they participate many times and ride the same lanes for years, firstly on classic bikes and now on modern weapons, they asked me to create a challenge to reignite the original feeling of fun.

So, we came up with an idea of having all small capacity bikes and with a bit of extra challenges for the fun of it!

We all got few month to prepare our machines, nearly all were sourced by Old Knobblies (mostly in France) then we make them road legal, MOT and UK registered. Few niggles with these parts as in UK they did not have a DT 80 MX for example, but most bits were very similar as a 50cc.

Here we go, the Challenge is started the Sunday 11th August 2019

Just getting to our favourite place in Wales, unloading all our little machines, then the usual safety an itinerary talk.

We fitted our score board (a little game not to take too seriously, the aim is just to use our 80cc bikes to the max) So, we will be ten riders.

Yamaha DT 80 LC 1984

Yamaha DT 80 MX 1981

YAMAHA DT 80 LC 1985

SUZUKI TS 80 R 1988

SUZUKI TS 90 1971/72

HONDA MTX 80 LC1 1984

HONDA MTX 80 LC2 1988



KRAMIT ER80 Italian beast 1984

And our guest judge with a 2008 HM 50CC YES A 50CC with 15bhp.





three days  of Challenges with laughter, ups and downs, but hey!



End of Game!

100cc Challenge ended with a bit of rain, but everyone safe and smiling!


Only one more breakdown (Honda MTX LC2, with similar issues as my Kramit, intermittent sparks and ignition to revise in a workshop)

One puncher, few niggles here and there, but all part of the fun and expected in this environment (meaning deep puddles and rough rocks up hill)

You will notice our “Challenge Scores Board” our guest from Belgium did not score, even if participated in all events, the reason is that he could not finish the rebuild on time his 1984 Works TM 80cc (which he won twice the Belgium Championship) so he came with a 2008 50cc HM…but what a bike!  (saying that he could not be part of the scoring as the rules were up to 1990

Well, Philippe did finish pretty badly, nearly at the bottom of the scores, but hey, I struggled a lot with the Peugeot power, even that I will respect this little machine to do exactly what it supposed to do in 1985 in the Army (just reconnaissance, slow pace, torquey enough to take an adult with radio on the rear rack and quite little exhaust noises)


For me, the disappointing outcome was my Kramit to fail on day one, which is my kind of bike, normally 23bhp and of course proper front and rear shocks. Well, cannot win it all! Congratulation to Nick G, winner of this 100cc Challenge on his 1972 TS 90cc bike. 


This modest bike actually had a lot of bottom grunt, superb mid-range and mixed with a great all-rounder as we know Nick for many years, the result was fair & square.

Second place to a DT80 LC (Mark H) third place to a MTX Honda (Andy D, which to be fair was leading the two first days until a puncher and few niggle!)

Then the rest is on the board!

We aged from mid-thirties to a 69 year old gentlemen, and this particular rider (Steve) was the fastest on the Special Test, so about half miles through and down a forest path, wet rocks and a lot of hazards, first slightly up hill, turn around our guest Judge and come back …timed of course with a proper Stop Watch, he was 3 second faster than the next rider. (His Suzuki TS 80 was screaming, but worth the effort!) Like what, off road biking keep you fit!



We must be mad, mature riders on mostly 80cc machines, but we found out in the middle of the “Golf Links” going quite uphill that a group of 4 scooters including a superb Honda Cub were far more crazy than us…that make us smile for the day, a bit younger than us, with the same aim, ride with fun and unconventional Off Road bikes.


One of our last Challenges was the “Dunlop Hill” some of you may know that it’s a serious hill, nearly 70 degrees, about 10 sharp corners…normally we struggle on powerful modern bike, but for few of us with just the right amount of grunt and lots of determination, we discovered that actually it was smoother, no rear tire spinning and more control, even if the bike did suffered a bit of excess of throttle and hot clutches.


We got our “Event T shirts”, lots of fun, lots of beers, great camaraderie as usual, sunshine mostly, what else do we need?


Ciao, Philippe.