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Mar 28 2021 - 15:00
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2012 ....where did it go?

2012 ….where did it go?   


Passed so quick…I built a substantial log cabin and just piled lots of stuff inside
But if you ask me for a particular SWM part, I am troubled not knowing where are all my bits…
Need a big tidy up

  At least 14 SWM are fully painted, from casings to rear shocks springs etc…  engines nearly finished and I am anticipating that it will be a very busy 2013 for me to build all them up

Then, I added few challenging machines to restore probably in the next 24 months…
And Yes…not SWM for a change, but Rotax powered machines as I love them…… hummm… except one big cc Husqwarna and a minarelli 80cc …and…..



 Puch Frigerio 347 1979

 Puch Frigerio 125cc GS 1979



I love challenges!



Grumpy you said?
Well it must be a lot of truth been over the “five zero”
We become grumpier
I will not define this adjective, but explain what does not help this matter
Ok, we all been a bit hasty and bought stuff on Multi colour site
 Some stuff we do not need, some because it was cheap and cheerful and some thinking it was your lucky day
But what about when you really know about the part and you kind of fight for it by adding a bit more than expected of your money….
Then these unscrupulous cannot describe their items accurately
And it really *** you off when you have to argue and get if you can a refund
But that is not uncommon…..
Another example of the trend in this new century
You buy a bike in good faith to a reputable dealer or so called
Specialist in restoration, then you do not really try it, you take your new toy at home, few pictures on a sunny day, a quick polish and a long glance before it will be stored until the next opportunity to ride it on a field with your best friends.
Then it does not start, not run well at all, nearly no compression and certainly after a more accurate examination …
You bought a nightmare …and the only way to get it to your expectation is to add another big lump of money
That is the unfortunate scenario a few friends told me they have to put up
A mix of frustration and dented pride, been on the agenda!
On the other hand
To answer to half dozen of requests I got recently for a project bike or a fully restored SWM by me…. At a certain budget!
Let me present to you a little "Quiz "
The table below is what I used within my 3-4 latest SWM fully restored from A to Z
The persons that find the nearest “Total” before the donor bike!
From where ever you are in the world….I genuinely will send you a SWM key ring/tool that will be useful and very rare! (Because I created it)
You have nearly all the information on many websites
By first week of February, I will announce the winner
And most of all the Total
SWM 1977-1979
125-175 or 250cc RS.GS
 Parts needed and total costing
Set of side panels 
Set of panels yellow backgrounds
Set of 250 RS.GS decals
Front headlight cowl
Front headlight background
1 x front & rear mudguards
1 x CEV tail light (or at least new lenses)
1 x seat cover
1 chromed handlebars (or Renthal as you wish)
1 x front 14T sprocket
1 x security washer for the above sprocket
1 x security washer for clutch Basket
1 x set of friction plates???
1 x Headlight strap rubber
2 x Swing arm rubber caps
1 x headlight bulb rubber cover
1 x tool box 4 branches rubber
1 x set of engine damping rubbers
1 x set of rear wheel cushion rubbers
2 x steering stop rubbers
1 x tank foam pad (FOC)
2 x fork seals sets (2 x 2)
2 x dust cover for forks stanchions
1 x set of SWM logo lever covers
3 x black plastic screws for clutch & ignition cover
3 x M8 silentblocks (need to be top quality)
1 x air filter
1 x fork gaiters (black & period ones)??
1 x oil Seal (kick Start)
1 x chain guide
1 x chain slider
1 x set of SWM flat screws for panels & mudguards
1 x rear 44T sprockets
2 x 140mm grooved Brake Shoes sets
1 clutch cable (Venhill)
1 x front brake cable (Venhill)
1 throttle cable (Venhill)
2 x 72mm gold exhaust spring (Swivel Head)
1 x tank painting + decals
(both SWM & the Petrol advise one)
1 x exhaust gasket
1 x complete set of gaskets & O rings??
1 x top yoke bearing & maybe bottom one as well
1 x chain guard??
1 x set of road legal tyres I.e. Metzeler 6 days
or Pirelli Scorpio Pro or else?
1 x Regina or good 520 chain
1 x set of grips
Front & Rear Light bulbs
1 x bike painting, all red RAL 2002 (+ black semi-gloss for the casing) + Black heat resistant for exhaust! 
1 x Batch bits & pieces electroplated 
1 x Batch of new bolts, washers etc… 
1 x Silkolene light gear oil (1.2 Lt) 
1 x Silkolene fork oil (500ml)
1 x Nitrogen boost
1 x cables/conduits/connectors etc… for re-wiring
DVLA ( Bike registration on the road in UK)
MOT (UK only! .....but soon all over Europe )
Owner Manual, Part & workshop….  Copies FOC with Philippe!
Tools depreciation and consumables 
Spares parts (not needed yet!)
Travel cost  
The $10000000 question?
Engine top end, how good it is? (Have a compression test!)
Electrics? Do not waste too much time with old wiring!
Forks tubes? (Re-chromed?)
Wheel spokes? Why not Stainless Steel?
Wheel inner tubes & grippers?
Marzocchi shocks? May need full kit and rebuild?
Frame condition, do you need some welding?
Do you have a proper centre stand with all bits
+ Donor bike £0000 Euros or else
Grand Total                              Ourgh!               
                   Yes that right, that much!


OK, I think by now you got my drift!
 So, when someone contact me for a SWM, whatever models
(But the Red/Whites are even dearer)
Your budget may need a little boost
After all, would you buy a vintage Ferrari and paint it with aerosol and
Expect to find your missing parts in a car boot sale?
Time, dedication and end results have a price.
DK send this picture
The SWM is a TF3 250cc….
But it looks like an 80cc with DK on it
Flying a bit and getting trashed as it should be
So, when do you need a replacment?
I will have a bigger one soon!
and Philippe added this one

  took me few days to do this sign

it's a 900x 400mm proper sign
describing what I do best, rescuing SWM
 That is after cooking of course





OK a little funny link to close this newsletter
I know you all are sympathetic with the concerned young lady
Best Wishes to all for the coming Year