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Mar 28 2021 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Been busy, but it will work out!!!!

Hello friends and  vinduro riders

YES! this month of April kept me very busy :-)

What we achieved is to purchase many more vinduro bikes, most are SWMs

a  1981 125cc TF1, a 1982 175cc TF3, a 1982 250cc TF3, a 1979 49cc Mini Cross, and a 1983 Husky 250 WR

That of course is lots of work to be done, probably until Spring /Summer 2012

My trip to France & Italy did as well procured lots of parts, lots of spares for SWM, nearly 200kg of bits & pieces in boxes, plus some frames, tanks, wheels, forks etc…

I hope gently but surely to display some new and second hands parts for SWM and few other European machines…

That will be most of all to clear my garage & workshop as I run out of space 

As well just on the turn of this month of May, I sold 2 of my restored vinduro bikes to a Spanish collector ….like what!?

so, the Can-am MX6B and the CCM Armstrong are gone to Cataluña and will be for a while displayed in a kind of private museum/warehouse before been probably sold again ???? 

I must admit to be a bit sorry to see the Armstrong (an English bike!) to leave UK, as it was a rare one, sold only for one year in 1982 and about a couple of hundreds only built before it all became Canadian

I did try to sell it at Telford show, not luck even if lots of good comments were “floating in the air” ….That how I realised the importance of Continental website, from the day it was advertized, I had questions and curious emails, but sold a week after… :-)

I would not like to offend my fellow riders or potential buyers in UK, but the expectation of what should be a great bike ready to be used with no expenses for a long while…….was a bit frustating for me overhere.

I will not change my agenda and restore the SWM’s properly, not concourse at all, but will be with most new parts and UK road legal…

and like My KTM, like my futur Husky 250 and others, it cannot be cheap

I had many calls, emails from friends (Yes few of you may read this and smile as you are involved!) and they bought a £1500 vinduro bike…used it for 1-2 meetings and spent another £1500 to bring it to what it should be and most of all reliable…

we must all of us be a bit mad with these vintage machines…

but again, one life, live it!

Do not forget…..

www.oldknobblies.com  soon!

with the lastest news of our Wales experience and some interesting restorations from abroad


Bye for now, Philippe.