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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Classic Trail in Devon

Devon Classic Trails



A nice weekend in late October, bless with an exceptional weather and some great company




A bunch of friends from various parts of UK gathered in Devon for some great trails.

As below pictures, it was a nice mix of machineries, a Yamaha IT 250 (Nick from Motoduro) another Yamaha IT 200cc 1986 (the last ones with front disk brake) a 390 Husqvarna Automatic, a 250 WR Yam, a 250 Suzuki Djerbel, a Suzuki PE 175cc, a Yamaha 125 DTMX in original trim, and finally a 250 Kramit RV3.




I had the opportunity to try out my new toy, that is the Kramit 250 RV3 (the SWM stickers on the tank was a joke) So, for me that was a first to ride a Liquid cooled Rotax machine, mostly with disk brakes and plenty of oomph.



Of course for my short legs, I reduced a bit the rear Ohlins and the forks tubes, in all It was not too tall and after 40 years sticking to air cooled SWM, I must admit to be very much attracted by this Kramit. I did place it on my website for sale, actually too cheap in my humble opinion, and now have decided to keep it for a while; it will be slightly restored with new decals and bits, and will be my new riding machine in future Wales Trail.

The Devon Trail were not difficult, some up & down hills were a bit challenging, just perfect for the Kramit after having reduced a lot my PSI into my tyres. I needed to get used of the power delivery and mostly the rear brake that is too sharp for me (newly fitted with new pads) The RV3 started first kick all the time and the exhaust sound is superb.


We did encounter some nice river crossing, superb trails leading to a nice cove and we even took a little ferry to Dartmouth for the unmissable Fish & Chips. As mentioned, the weather was sunshine and blue sky on Saturday, turning a bit more cloudy and windy on Sunday, but at least dry and super pleasant.


No one had a bad fall or a mechanical problem, just a little issue with the 200 IT floats and consuming twice more petrol as it should…few minutes by the road side and experts hand fixed the matter. We did found one particular muddy puddle quite deep (was really above the engine) regrettably we did not take pictures, a stimulating few seconds were everyone was struggling with the “force of the nature”






As for Dave on his 125 DTMX, bravo, as usua l (as Dave always come to Wales with me)

the Old “Girl” from mid 80’s still do the trick, and it’s a 100% original bike, with indicators and all the bits. (Probably used in the 80’s for going to college or visiting friend via A roads, but with Dave this DTMX has been trough proper “enduro” tracks and trails that with astonishment, when we meet other riders with modern KTMs during this event, they could not believe that bike is following all of us…and with ease, even if it will take a good day to clean up and to shine again.




Whatever its Devon, Wales, Cumbria or maybe Spain next year…do not hesitate to contact me about Trail Riding

I Heard it a million times…. That is nice; I wish I was there, but no time or no bike.

Well, we cannot promise the weather, but at least a great experience and by now you should not my Motto…

One life, live it! And trust me on this one, do it while you can!

(Few of my bikes will be available next year for kind of hiring) so no excuses!

Big Thanks to Nick Green for hosting this weekend

and Nick (Motoduro) to have taken these precious pictures




Bye for now, Cheers, Philippe.