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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Mar 28 2021 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Number Seven and Red Kangaroo...?


              Number Seven

Well known as the lucky number…?

In this case, the 7th SWM  I have fully restored



A 175cc TF3 model with the aluminium swing arm…

And as I cannot resist re-mentioning it…

the same as the 250cc I “shifted” to David Knight


Spot the differences...

not many except I did not use enough weed killer in previous pictures!


So, what make these TF3 special?

Well that was the best of this model in 1982 (before the white ones with the metallic swing arm)

Ohlin’s GP as rear shocks, 38mm front Marzocchis, huge ground clearance and suspension travels….that about it!

Cannot invent that they were such difference and even can admit that the centre stand is quite “not so clever” and a miss compare to all RS.GS or TF1 series

The overall machine is very tall, the engine did get few tweaks from previous model and its slightly more picky, very much responsive…like if the porting’s or disk valve was tuned for motocross.

Still very tractable and this 175cc is as powerful as my old (and favourite) early 250 RS.GS


This SWM will be shipped to Australia later on this year…

Like what good bikes will match distinctive owners



Talking about a faraway island labelled as OZ


Some of my friends down there send me some overview
Of the Aussie Vinduro Scene
Before I go further and try to copy/paste most of the stuff they send me…
Let me explain to you how they deal with each other before & after a meeting
Well, about many weeks before they gang in kind of regional teams, the south against the north and even use some foreign input like French or Welsh or Russian team ……that will spice up the event.
So each team within the next few weeks have prepared their machines, printed their team shirts and stickers and from there, starts
a “war of words”
that will make you blush…
Not particularly rude, but very uncommon   
First I was not sure of what was going on, and then all become clear that’s a tradition down there 
all in good taste and good fun
Then the race…
That is not much difference with ours in UK or on the continent, just longer deeper rivers to cross!


see below vinduro reports...in... Australian that is, may need a translator! 

Old Bike Aus Harrow Report.
The Harrow Vinduro established itself as the premier event for pre 1985 enduro and trail bikes on the Australian calendar when 141 riders signed up for the two day event on July 28-29. While the previous year’s quagmire conditions played on the organisers minds it was a relief to find that west of the Grampians were in a rain shadow and the Glenelg River was low, crossable and all the interesting terrain accessible.
The 44km course left the Harrow ‘Parc Ferme’ at the Johnny Mullagh Reserve’, looped in a cloverleaf pattern over four sections into the main control on Mr Lauchie Turner’s property and returned to Harrow over the Glenelg. The variety of the terrain impressed even modern enduro riders with its combination of sand washes, boggy gully crossings, off camber hills both up and down, rock hillsides, grassy river flats hiding slippery dead wood and tight trees. Riders who strayed from the arrowed course found themselves caught on old fencing or doing circles trying to find directional arrows.  
The course took a good hour and fifty minutes to complete and riders were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for three, two and one lap. The sixteen who got Gold really deserved them.
The International flavour continued this year with Frenchman Jean-Christophe Bonneville and Czech Peter Heles riding in the conscripted French and Czech Teams. Team Wales featured expatriates Steve Baker, Dave Hammond and Kristen Cahill and they took out the wicker Basket of French Goodies donated by Paul Kalika of the French Team and Discount MC Wreckers.
Even though this is a non-competitive event the riders form three man teams to vie for the coveted Barrossa Photography Top Team Award for the team who impress the organisers with their attitude to the event not just laps completed. This year despite the amazing turnout of the BusBoyz, the sheer panache and presentation of Team Husky NSW, the crustiness of Team Tolmie Beards  and the XRelence of Mansfield Honda the awards went to father and son Les and Ryan Dew and Tim Embleton on Team Vincruising all on Gold medals.
Further goodies given on the day came from generous sponsors Ballards Off Road, Discount MCW and Wurth.
Mark the last weekend in July as the ‘must attend event’ in 2013.
Peter Drakeford.

(Take a little break as more to come from Peter down there)





Photo of the Month


Double click on the picture to enlarge  


The stove of all stoves  
Chromed smoke stack, argh, I’m not going to describe it, look at the pic! Unreal!


Brought at every big race to warm up the foodstuff and the “humour”!

As well acting as insects repellent

Sprockets, chain, wheel rim, side stand, kick starts, engine casing, and levers…..all these bits fitted on this piece of Artistic and yet useful kit


Pity about the Japanese logo…

could have been a nice Husky cover



 a bit more of Wallabies Stories
Harrow Happenings;
The calm before the storm, walking the track arrowing, cockatoos screeching overhead announcing the intruder.
 Startled kangaroos, sheep and wallabies.
 The sound of water running over rocks.
The sound of…..my phone!! Jeezus, bloody Optus tower…last year’s no reception was a bonus.
Marking the river level with rocks at different points, looks OK, in fact it’s going down. Then it rained Wed night, oh great. Previously dry gullies suddenly were boggy but the river didn’t rise at all. What looked a little dusty was dampened by showers on Thursday. Prime!
Last year’s record river rise has scooped out crossing points and made islands in the river impossible to get to. That’s cut down the interesting bits a bit. We all shudder from the ‘river crossing’ in Harrow V1 so I’m not even attempting to get on the islands.  
What was a morass last year is pretty hard to see a year later. Good, this year will be spot on. The sand stretch beside the river is in with two little water splashes, good; the sand special test has recovered and will be a hoot again; the river flats just after the start are pure loam you could drag your bars through the corners; the off camber will hold up; the rocks have got grip but the little gullies are treacherous.
Lauchie Turner as ever is all over everything, suggesting routes, crossings, markings, Parc Ferme improvements and all. We can drive around most of the course in my Ute and did so; quite a change from getting bogged twice last year (in the same spot – thanks Boyo!).
Despite arriving on Mon, I realised by Wed that there was no hope of me marking the entire course by myself and panicked when I remembered; of course – it’s twice as long as last year! Luckily the NSW Cavalry arrived Thurs morning after an all-night 15 hour drive and got straight into it! Steve and Reeksy – your blood’s worth bottling.
Determined to arrow and mark the course so even ‘blind Freddy’ could find it and each year I think it’s impossible to get lost but riders still manage to deviate off course. Actually, no one got lost this year so all the help pre event is working. Having the experienced Norm Watts on minute 1 confirmed that the arrows were there but you had to look for them and not just follow the riders in front or what you thought was an easier line.
However, many riders came to a sudden halt when they discovered downed fences and that evil black polypipe. Setting out the course we cut and pulled away from the riding line quite a few but if you deviated by a few metres you were in for a surprise.  
How good are the people of Harrow? We didn’t have to use their backyards to get around the billabong near the start but they allowed us to use it anyway. How tolerant were Murray (the town copper) and his wife when riders got off course and short cut through his backyard, out the side gate and back into the sandwash? (No GMC, I checked and there were no arrows there and they didn’t show on the helmet cam on minute 4) His wife came up to the start to complain but no one got there until I came over after a lap. However, Murray strung some POLICE bunting across which stopped riders in their tracks. I laughed about it afterwards with his wife who said “they all nearly piled into each other at the tape”. More bunting got them all back in the sandwash.
Steve Young lent his chain saw to Kristen and Steve to cut out a serious tree blocking the track from the main Control so big propos to the boyz. But, never mind all that TV, DVD movies etc; the star turn was the return of the motorised Esky with 100% more power. BUT, not just that, the boys drove it through the river crossing time and again!!!! Man, that shamed a lot of boys worried about the water level. If you haven’t seen the video got to:
Father/son teams are gaining popularity. Mansfield Honda’s Steve and Aaron Walker, Team 66/99’s Mark and Alex Woodhouse and Vincruising’s Les and Ryan Dew have started something. True, Ryan is a long way off 16 but the combo is still there. Young BusBoyz Steve, Kieran and Kyle formed a whole family team. But the cake goes to the Creighton gang of Ken and sons Ben, Tristian, & Steven. A whole team plus a reserve. Let’s not forget Team Letts, Adam and Hayden and Brendan. The Strath Yam Boys have Phillip and Andrew; Terry Tremayne usually brings the lad along to wrestle their big Maicos but rested him this event and Greg Hewitt had his lads in tow but not on their bikes this year. And as for mentoring, Steve Juzva has his eldest observing and protégé Shaun Jarvis starting to really get on the pace. Brother teams are rare but our own John O’Brien motivated his brothers Mark and Paul to enter as the Green Triangle Hasbeens and they really dug it. The Woodford Bros got it on the fine Can Ams too. Props to you all guys, for the family bonding.
My old nemesis and sponsor on OSSA; John Burrows, turned up to see what I was always blathering about. Scramble champion from when bikes had no suspension and 1973ISDT bronze medal winner, he was his usual grumpy self but it was good to see the self-exiled JB catch up with Norm Watts as their respect is mutual. Both are legends, I was always a bit player in awe of them. I could spend hours listening to their stories and at 79 JB is still as sharp as a tack physically and mentally.
Some JB memories: the 7am trailride starts every 2 weeks no matter the weather for an 8 hour ride; being abused when I pulled out of a ride when water running down my neck, jacket, pants and boots got me hypothermia (although I didn’t know what it was at the time) as I couldn’t work my limbs properly. It took 3 hours in the car with the heater running flat out to get me back to normal; having a head on with him when I lagged behind and he doubled back (luckily both survived but I learnt new words); filling him in with dirty water in a passing move and then riding like the wind with banshee JB howling behind before he overtook me and slammed me into the bush;  him kicking my feet up when I went to use them for cornering “Keep your feet on the pegs!” Don and I plastering his letter box with Labour Party stickers and then being chased down the road when I called into his shop and driven into the ground with a rugby tackle. I was laughing that hard I couldn’t run! The old bastard was tough.
But I digress:  Peter.D
We may not have totally associated with all personages of the above lecture...but trust me... 
They do not do things exactly as we would expect…….
See this link….
That is a motorised Esky (meaning Beer Fridge) crossing the river just for tasting the depth????

  I will endeavour next year, work commitments allowed;
to go and see by myself this peculiar but exciting bunch of guys and their vinduro.
Meet at least 2 of these heroes
John Burrows, legendary multi OZ Scramble Champion
and on the right…
Norm Watts, multi ISDT medal winner, OZ hero
That is it for this month....