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Puch Frigerio 400cc F3 1980/81


Puch Frigerio 400 F3 1980

This motorcycle was bought as a project few years back while traveling in North Italy

(actually bought a 125 F1 as well in similar condition and still waiting to be restored…one day?)

What makes this F3 model a bit special is the fact that it was raced in Italy in early 80's with a Motocross frame and engine.

Below pictures give you a proper evidence of the machine, rough condition, but still had a great engine and notice the paint marks on the wheels, casings, head stock and frame.

Why a motocross frame with a tiny light was used by this Italian Team or rider?

The answer is that (without confirmation) after having discussed the matter with the Frigerio guys and other Italian riders from that era...it was not uncommon to use the MC model for certain enduros.

The bike was then of a shorter rake, more powerfull with the 370cc engine instead of the normal 347cc

38mm front forks instead of 35mm and came with a bigger exhaust (Sitto front pipe)

Still they fitted a thin wire to feed a light (probabbly one position, just to pass the scrutineer's)

and still having the centre stand for the machine maintenance.

so, after few years been in my workshop, in early 2017 I started the restoration, a slow process as I was doing several bikes at the same time and few items as new piston, better casing were a bit of a struggle to source .


 Now the bike is progressing well and  looks like 98% will be renewed with some expensive bits & pieces.

all the plastics, seat cover and rear muffler comes from Frigerio and decals were amended for some "stickier ones"

Bike on the Hydraulic bench for about a year, then it became obvious certains parts will not fit perfectly the newly found enduro Frame

The middle exhaust bracket was missing, the seat base was too large and flat at the rear (as normally accommodate a large MX rear mudguard instead of the more rounded enduro one)

But in general all fitted as normal and the beast came alive for the first time after 5 kicks the 24th October 2017

a quick tuned with the air screw and tick over screw, then all fine, even if smoking a bit too much as of course excess of oil was used building the top end and it should clear in few runs when going outside the workshop for a test ride.

New Kick Start fitted (one of my last in stock) and now the bike start first kick every time

(actually I must stress that most of my bikes I am using within my Trail Riding or Enduro events, are fitted with Mikuni VM carburettors, but this Puch retain the old BING as it was in great condition and it works well!


The end restoration is not bad at all, not perfect as mentioned still had issue with the seat base, and the tank and tank cap are not mint (but at least original)

New Renthal High rise Handlebars,  100% reconditioned and proper Tommaseli Racer levers, and as usual 98% of the parts are new, the swing arm bushes for example, were a nightmare to pull out and then replaced.

Air box modification and other niggles that came along have been amended accordingly.

fitted with Top of the Range YSS rear Shocks, but original ones are available and 100% reconditioned and repainted

This Puch will be shortly UK registered, and was commissioned by a friend/customer that unfortunately for health reasons cannot own it now, so will be for sale

My heart wants to keep the bike, but my head remind me that money do not grow on trees


If on any interest, please do contact me as this is a distinctive machine that need a good home and a focused rider.


et voila! one done, more than a dozen to restored



Notice the tail light switch...for MOT purpose only!

Stainless Steel spokes as ussal and Electroplated bits everywhere

 Tried to retain the paint marks

Metzeler Six Days tyres fitted

Huge Sitto front pipe

Yss Shocks for the racer

Stickier tank decals


That is it for now, Thanks for looking