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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Mar 28 2021 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Red & White

  Red & White
The month of June is the abundance of strawberries, English ones are superb…
So, from the Royal Darby, Wimbledon and other posh events, this best loved of all summer fruits, are irresistible to almost everyone.
Well, I will have mine with a good dollop of cream and crushed biscuits….that will be after my arduous day of tidying up my shed, trying to acknowledge exactly what bits & pieces I have gather over many years and like any good “Spring Cleaning” some will be just binned ….but lots will be displayed in my boutique as “seconds” and hopefully someone will find it of interest?
Taking opportunity of this clement weather and take all out under the intermittent sunshine. Then equipped with a permanent maker and lots of white labels, it will be optimistically placed in more appropriate boxes, with all these white little rectangles facing me and indicating that actually I do have few good spares…
That did not take a day as anticipated;
still I will have a good beer and my strawberries… I will continue another day…
On a subject of red & white …..Guess... I did it again; a little RS.GS will join the family.
That will be a 50 cc “Regolitara”, meaning not the “mini cross” or the “ cross boy”, but the most “junior” of the lot with a proper 50cc, correct sized wheels and most of all, a look that is uncompromising like a RS.GS …so stunning!


 Mine is in pieces and not pictured yet,
 that will probably be done sometimes after the Olympics games…
 so be patient.
 The one above is representative of the nice colours, 
in black & white that will be the original from 1976/77….
Mine is the 1978/79 just after these above and the last model before it became “GS.MK”
in orange plastics like the “big sisters”…
The only little difference will be the headlight unit similar to the RS.GS (enclosed in a plastic unit) as well of the more adequate rear mudguard as it’s an enduro after all!
All that with a 49.6cc Minarelli P6 engine, producing about 7 BHP with its 19mm carburettor
But of course, not many did stay to that specification….. a racing exhaust, 22mm carburettor and manifold, and a Simonini full kit was often the favourite conversion in 1977 till 1981 and the end result could be up to 12/14 BHP (I did have exactly these on my Fantic Cabalero, it was awesome even if I could not theme very well the noisy exhaust tone, but what a defying sound it was..
OK, you may wonder what a 50 year old guy is doing restoring a “kid’s bike” and getting excited about all these modification that actually are now written on this newsletter, but will never apply in my future restoration?
Well, when I found an answer….I will let you know, for now, let me have my little crisis and enjoyment gathering a family of Red & White SWM 
I must add to this reminiscence write up about RS.GS “relatives” that I owe a big thanks to Rob P to have made this dream possible by importing for me firstly 50% of the bike, then parts and more parts….
By the 22nd of June we will be travelling toward Belgium where a little night stay in a special place, then the 24th will be the German Classic enduro race in the town of Zschopau.
Well, I will let you know what did happen, “the good, the bad and in the middle”….
Coming back to Red & White, I will have the pleasure to have as travelling companion in this event Paul, alias “Elvis”???? …. a friend riding one of the most beautiful bikes ever produced at the end of the 70’s,
a Puch Figerio 250cc GS.F2


As much as I am keen on SWM,
I must admit that the Frigerio family did exclusive machines,
for 1000’s of amateurs of small cc, the 50 & 75cc are far the best
and you will need 8500 Euros to get a nearly mint one of these.
The 250cc is equally rare, and the one above is a fantastic example of a ridden one  in many events, and still look superb and runs like a dream….
OK it comes with a certain maintenance cost and consideration that some parts will be very difficult to replace ……
We can only applaud “Elvis” for using this gorgeous machine, and trust me that he does indeed ride it very well; he is not the kind of going slow….
I know some of my friend did a little tale of their trip to The Frigerio kind of museum/workshop
with some fantastic pictures, see all on http://www.vindurouk.com/forum.html
But if one day you have the chance to hear a 50cc or even better a 75cc Six Days Puch
from 76/78 as pictured below, you will have a large grin
and may be converted to small cc.
It’s awesome and that alone will make me ride 2 strokes for as long as I can….


So, Italian with most of their Red & White machines did very well indeed …
  We must admire and give credit to the engines manufacturers, Yes nearly all came from Austria...
from this 50/75cc 46° odd looking one that can produce marvels,
in the 1976 ISDT, some comments about the works Puch Frigerio team & bikes were ….
"these little cc machine did impress everyone,
particularly in the special test been only few seconds out of the bigger bikes" 
Great, just great stuff!
New from this month and many to comes...I hope
Gavin Douglas  
From Vinduro UK
Gavin, How & when started the idea of Vinduro UK?
Well, it all started when I was day dreaming at our practise track on my brother-in-laws farm (location of the Hot Trod). I was in the wood with Neil (my uncle), Will (my cousin) and Graham Cutter (friend). We stopped for a rest and got on talking, as we do, about Classic enduro bikes/ events etc… I looked over the surrounding area and said “what an event you could put on here but where would you start?”. After a year or so had passed I was on the ISDT.EU site and left a note in the guestbook saying that we had the land up here but would need a help with the in’s and out’s of setting up and running an event. After a few months I received an email from Nigel Heath who had all the info and experience. After a visit from Nigel and a run over the land we were up and running!    
So, you did gather a group of friends and build up from there… the Hot trod and more….
Yes, we then built up a team and started from there. You may not believe this but with all the help we had there was just over 600 hours went into getting the track ready and putting on the Hot Trod! So I cannot thank all involved for their time and help! The Doddington event then came forward after my friend Henry Harvey (who was my best man and I his) had a talk at his wedding reception about Enduros. His dad overheard and suggested that we should have one at their farm. So with them farming over 1700 acres of perfect enduro ground we jumped at the chance! 
Was it difficult to organise your first one and was it as expected (including success) ……Any other little niggles you want to confine that happened?
Well we had to dig deep into our pockets but we were all prepared and agreed there was nothing like this in the UK and it would be well worth it! It took quite a lot of planning and meeting up to organise everything, but now that we are set up it will be a lot easier this year. I can’t tell you how nerve racking it was with people travelling for hundreds of miles to our event. The pressure was on for us to put on a good event. The major niggle for us was when we thought the ambulance was not going to turn up! Thankfully it did – 1 hour late!!!
But hold on one minute……….who was this Northern guy before all the above?
I am 32 years old in September this year. I am married with one son. I used to be a farmer in the village we live in until Foot and Mouth stuck in 2001, which was when we came out of the farm. I then went into HGV driving and drove a low loader in the UK and internationally. I now work as a fuel tanker driver delivering locally. My hobby has always been bikes since a young age. I love anything to do with motorcycles as I have been brought up with them all my life. I have also travelled on a motorcycle to Russia and back with my wife in 2008. What a trip! I also plan to do a moto giro in Italy at some point, but have to find a pre-1957, under 200cc, Italian bike to do it on.
 When did you started to ride motorbikes, what kind of bikes, what is your favourite bike to ride or the one you wish to get if money was no objection…
I first rode a bike at 3-years-old and my first bike (that I still have) was a Montesa Cotta 25c that my dad put a side car on with weights so I could ride it. I also ride modern enduros and have done for the last 11 years. My favourite bikes are all 80’s enuro bikes as I have been brought up with them and always wanted what my dad and uncle were riding. If money was no object I would love a Brough Superior, but if it was an enduro bike then it would have to be a Works Jawa or MZ ISDT bike from the late 60’s/70’s.
Any bike/ event tales that you would like to share?
Last year’s Welsh 2 day was a bit of a disaster!! After spending lots of money on getting the WR500 Husqavarna ready for the twin shock class and driving hundreds of miles to get there, I wheeled the bike out of the van for scrutineering, only to find that when I kicked the bike over to start it the crank cases split in half! Needed lots of drink to get over that one! At least I had my camera though. There are many more tales I could share, but we could be here all day!!
Now you are preparing to our delight your second Hot Trod...
any changes to the first edition and why?
What did you learn from it and would not do again or would not change at all
(as for us the recipe is already working very well indeed!)
We learnt a lot from last year, but more with getting the event ready rather than what happened on the actual day (apart from not to ask the same ambulance service again!). We were so pleased with the way it went last year that we aren’t going to change much this year, maybe just put a few harder expert loops in this time, but nothing too difficult. One thing we are definitely doing is getting a bigger tent for the night before for the entertainment, with seating for 100 people so that everyone can eat together.
You been quickly labelled as Mr nice guy as well of a very talented rider
(both rightly deserved)…………….
would you consider organising a little UK team for 2012 to represent UK on the continent ....like Isny (Belgium) or Zschopau (Germany) Vally Bergamashe (Italy) or maybe a ride in Brioude (France)
I would love to, but you are doing a great job yourself! You can definitely put me down to ride in those events. I have thought about doing those events anyway,  would love to go with a group. I am very flattered at being called Mr Nice guy too!
Any plans for the future …..would you and your entourage consider to have a Vinduro stand at the Telford Classic Show every February (Philippe is "hot"on this idea and would like to see 7-8 of some proper bikes that as been ridden during the vinduro year, not even perfectly cleaned and shiny, but the race machines!!)
We have talked about this for next year and been offered a stand.
We will definitely have a chat when I see you at this year's Hot Trod event.
Anything else??
we are very happy with the way things have taken off and would like to thank everybody who has entered our events and supported us (particularly my wife!)
I am always happy to talk to anyone about bikes etc - particularly calssic ones - so, if anuone sees me and wants a chat..do not hesitate to say hello.
I would also like to say a big thanks to Nigel for answering my original email and helping get things underway.
Thanks Gavin for this up close & a bit more personal interview,
be reasured we will support you and the vinduro scene even more..
you are a star!
another very fresh news!
4 weeks ago did have some pain in my left hand
a bit of special cream and pain killer did the trick..for a while
but nearly impossible to clamp or use my thumb properly??
so, from Doctor to Hospital...
left this this morning the Orthopedic department with a plaster cast that will be scratching me for the next 4-5 weeks 
result a double fracture of the left hand, Bravo!
so, I am gutted .....and will not race in Germany,
still will travel there and bring you back some pictures and tales... 
could not resit!
after all, better laugh about it!
 That conclude this June newsletter...
in July issue... a report on Zschopau and the Ryedale Rally
bye for now, Ph.