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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Rescuing SWM's

250 TF1 ex ISDT

This particular bike was part of the UK team in 1980 in Brioude,

I cannot confirm who was riding it (even if I have few clues); I just know that the registration was parts of the 7x 250 TF1 at that time.

UK registered in June 1980 as all the team (just before the ISDT in August)

Engine wise, I do not see any differences in the top end or else, transfers are the same as any SWM long stroke of that period, all SWM were good enough for any events, just probably as we call it “Blue printed” meaning they were dismantled, and refitted just checking every parts, measurements etc.

The original Exhaust and silencer as the seat base and other items were not salvageable. So, fitted one of my first production on exhaust hand-made in Romford

Look at the picture of a well-known UK rider going down the stairs, on the rear; just above the silencer you will notice the remote reservoir of the Corte Cosso.

I have the same set, but after refurbishing these, my new flexible Hydraulic hose are too long + I do not see how to fix it well without been on the rear loop and quite ugly! So, I routed both toward the front, and compare to both pictures below, did succeed to fit in between the frame and air box, not to cut the side panels and not too scratch the frame.

below the picture of the factory Corte Cosso the way they were before full restoration

Originally, this bike came with a special tank brackets,  that they created/fitted for the six days event.

I did not used them as I think it was maybe a very easy system to release the tank (hold only by a robust rubber strap), but in my humble opinion, a bit flimsy, the 2 x M8 bolts at the front of the tank are back and nothing is moving about!

The original (even painted) brackets will come with the bike!

Other interesting modifications were for example the foot rest, what a simple good idea just to enlarge the holes to allow any mud to release quicker.


The brake rear pedal, that for me is a mystery of what benefit could it bring compare to orginial?


The rear wheel axle, which is indeed a very simple and very useful idea, as originally, when placing a rod or a long tool into the axle hole, you cannot do more than a ½ turn before touching the tension bolt, but with this tiny welded piece of strong tubing, it’s a perfect 360° turn.


I am please with the end results and this bike need a good home, its not mint or 100% original, but its ready to be used as it should (Mind, need running in all new inside the engine)

the 3 large balls mechanism is welcome, smooth and precise.

Pity, I wanted to keep it for my trail riding in Wales or Devon, but I have enough to ride



175 cc SWM TF1


This bike donor was in fact a 125 TF1 with an orange plastic tank

Bought in very average condition, fitted with a wrong engine and nothing appropriate to be road legal.

On the bench for about 4 months, it was a quick one as I had all the parts to change it to a correct 175cc and I wanted to restore it differently, so the blue and brushed alloy Tank retuned from my painter, I knew it will be as the Belgium Models, with a silver frame.


Not yet pictured but in progress, the original Corte Cosso with proper SWM link tubing will be fitted.

I had one left spare 175cc Exhaust and silencer in very good condition.


fitted with a Mini CEV Period speedometer, I had someone to laser cut for me some brackets and Venhill to do me some cables with 2 different ends... its works very well.


then i am triyng at the moment different decals to stick on top with obviously MPH.

engine as nearly all my SWM is 98% new, and tried to keep the original Dellorto, but no great sucess, so VM32 Mikuni fitted, superb!

end results of this Blue 175cc are great.

paperwork gone to dating certificate and then DVLA




Ah.. this one is special to me!

wanted to have fun restoring and amending it to a nice "Trail Bike"

The donor was the usual blue GTS

That is first day in my workshop...November 2015, so you see I buy long term projects

I knew excatly what would be the end results, so painted the frame and all bits in red, the tank red & White as RS.GS and forget it for many years.

few months ago (Lockdown scenario) build the engine, for once cameback form the painter surpeb, meaning the magnesium did not get too humid.


work in progress... awaiting better weather to go out!


tThat were ist was obvious one thing was missing on the bike from day one, and nearly no chance to find some new or seconds...the original side panels (But they would have been blue and black plastics...and not approriate to be repainted)

So, some thin alloy, a rubber malet, 2-3 tries , lot of patience (as I am not a panle beater by trade) then I had what will do the trick, some long side panels in red.


I left the rear carrier for fun, and to keep some original parts.

actually, except the colours, the opaque mudguards, the tyres and obviously the front headlight, the bike is pretty original.

ah no, a TF1 seat !


once again, lucky to have a superb original exhaust & silencer, just a change of Kick Start (brand new old stock!)


made my own stickers...okay need to refit them straight


Mini CEV Speedo and in all, I love this bike.


Choke puller...period, not bad!


so, this 282cc bike, same as a TL 320 with the large flywheel and point ignition

it pulls like a train, low grunt, but still have a gearing higher than the TL, I done one years ago that I used in Wales during my organzed Trail Rides

Okay mine been modified to go even faster...meaning just a 24mm carb, only 20 BHP,  different crank to accomodate an Enduro Ignition and flywheel, longuer 5th gear, 44t rear sprocket and its does make a fantastic Trail bike, This red & White is for my collection, maybe one day for sale after been exposed.



and last for the moment!

a 250 TF3 1982 model   (already sold and customized as customer requests)


The donor bike


The resluts....not finished yet, 99% 

just pictured recently to do the dating Certificate



Will have one of my Factory Exhaust and silencer reproduction ....and a speedo!


That is it for now,


Please notice all my bike hold upright very well, I proud myself to have all center stands amended accrodingly


These bikes will be scarcer in UK, as from now on its basically impossible to import them

(or at least to get all paperwrok done, pay the duty taxes and nothing to gain anymore as prices gone crazy)

If you wanted on of the listed above or any I have in bits, all my bikes were NOVA from 2014 till 28/12/2020

now its became unmanageable ....blame Brexit!

so, take this opportunity to contact me, still about 2 dozen to do and then au revoir!

Thanks for reading,