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Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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SWM 175 RS,GS 1978


Et voila! A bit of French…not referring about Grammar, but another French Bike in my collection

Well, French only for one year as the story goes that the BPS machines (SWM that is)

were for the first year or so, imported and relabeled BPS (that stand for Boudet, Portal and Seurat)

Three master at the time in enduro/cross; and when came the SWM RS.GS with the Rotax, they wanted to be first to sell them)

A nice 175 RS.GS with the proper VIN plate from BPS andimported the 04/08/1977 and dating as 1979

The 94th Built, and the F for France as prefix.






 1978 original brochure



This bike was purchased and made road legal in 1982, may have been in a shop for a quite long.

The only owner was Mr Daniel Gey (French Champion in 1967 on a 250 Ducati Mach1) then later on stopped circuit racing and bought this BPS for trying enduro.


Mr Gey did not used the bike that much at all, as he asked to have a speedo fitted from day one and now the bike clocks only 1406 km (less than 900 miles)

Taken ill and departed a decade ago, the bike stood in his family garage until a friend (Thanks to Jean C) introduce me to his widow and a deal was reached (including that I will make it run and to keep it as original as possible)

I collected this bike few weeks ago and was eager to see if it would start after several years unused. I was equally reluctant to change anything as it is 99.99% genuine and original, all bolts and nuts and even the clutch cable (noticeable with the convoluted rubber boot)

Chain and sprockets, even the MT16 Pirreli tyre are from at least 1979.




Placed on the bench and with just minimal changes to bring it to life and to be usable (as it will be in Wales in two weeks for a good test ride)

Needed new forks gaiters, air filter, new spark plug and fuel line, all lubricants (including front forks) new throttle rubber boot, new carburetor O rings, replaced the rear light bulb and of course replaced all yellow backgrounds.

Inspection of the engine, head off, piston is of course the 62mm original bore proper Elko, nothing wrong with it, con rod seems fine, cylinder is impeccable, clutch as well if not stuck for a bit.

This bike never had the clutch casing removed; it is only the second times (out of 40+ SWM that I have serviced) that I witness a casing so clean without at all any gum or sealant from previous owners.

a bit of mix & match, 1978 foot rest and swing arm and 1979 side panels and mudguards?

As for the speedo, a Veglia, very period and not sure how it’s been fitted, just replaced the rusty spacer on the bars clamp…but it will stay there and maybe quite useful during my Trail riding to check the daily mileage.

Look closely at the pictures, how clean was the air box (meaning normally tented and blackened on the right by the exhaust, how beautiful are proper opaque mudguards, great exhaust and silencer, superb condition casing, unpainted frame/forks with original decals…


well I could go on and on…OK by now you guessed that I am very proud of owning this BPS/SWM and will use it with care.

Of course the tools are all there e in its SWM bag and all electrics works; the bike will pass an MOT shortly and is road legal with UK plate in few weeks.

Not perfect by all means, the tank as a little paint chip on the left, bottom yoke quite scratched where the cable rubbed and mostly with the stopper rubber that were deteriorated and now replaced.

One more less noticeable item which is quite bad and will do for a 4 days Trail Riding, then refurbished (That is the right shock absorber shaft bent :-( Mr Gey was not a small individual as I am.

Gosh…I said I have enough SWM (more than 30) but that was an opportunity not to be missed and a 175cc will be prefect for my aging bones and muscles.

She starts first or second kick, runs like YESTERDAY … Very content Philippe.


On another subject


TF4 440cc MC and my Puch Frigerio are coming on nicely



still few struggle with some parts to finish these projects and customers waiting



One life, live it

Bye for now, Philippe.