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Upcoming Trail Ride Event

Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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We do not bounce that well at 50+


We do not bounce that well at 50+ 

That will be a left shoulder and upper arm damages that after 3 months do not seem to improve as expected.

The NHS or even some French doctors that I have consulted for different opinions;

all do say that it will take a long time for the muscles and ligaments to be restored to normal


So, that why unfortunately my "Trail Ride Challenges" did not get any changes of dates for this year and until late August I will not be organising any gatherings.

I will be tempting the last weekend of August to ride at the International SWM meeting in Belgium

with two friends, we will be riding my bikes, 2 x 250 SWM RS.GS and a 250 TF1.

If I cannot get more than one or 2 laps, at least i will be meeting about 120 SWM fans and that would be more than enough for me.


I June, Oldknobblies will be in Normandy, celebrating the end of the war (04-08 June),

that will be the Arromanches beaches where of course D Day was.

Many small villages and their inhabitans are involved for few days into military scenes.

 Well, we will be an UK group of about 16 bikes (mostly ex Military machines) and parading our newly aquired (thanks EBay) military uniforms and stuff...all in good tastes.


My choice as well of a friend sharing my van will be a 80cc Peugeot, which is not a toy at all

Was used by the French Army in the 80s for Radio transport and  reconnaissance.

This little engine is actually well greared for low grunt and pull an adult with the radio equipement + a gun very easily (for me it will be my snack + a tiny digital camera for this event)




I will later on report all gossips and stories of our event including proper pictures of our bikes


By the way, I will be importing few of these SX8R Peugeot in the future if any interest to someone


OK, that said, my apologies again for some friends and customers that contacted me about Trail Rides in Wales

we will catch up in Autumn or certainly next year.

Bye for now, cheers, Ph.