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Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Welcome to my restorations




Long before the above Bultaco SD became my most valuable and best achievement, I would like to tell you how it all started!


Well, frankly, I do not think I can be classified as a restorator, neither at all a collector…


It all started in 2003, when my son was turning 13, he did already experience the PW 50 and TTR125cc at a local track, where they coach young lads to get muddy and how to fall without sweeping a tear! That was great!


So, I bought him a motocross bike…. But Philippe been slightly nostalgic and after seeing an advert for a 80cc Yamaha YZ …but not a modern one…a 1984 with the golden rims etc…of course very similar to ones in my era.


So, bring home the little beast to realized that everything was worn out, and even as a kind of Sunday morning toy, it would have to look good and been in perfect condition………..

After 5-6 months of work, having few difficulties to sources some parts, and trying to make it relevant to a young boy in 2003 without losing the beauty it was nearly 2 decades earlier (the bike that is!)

And without knowing it at all….that was my first restoration…

a labor of love in both senses of the word!


Then came a Suzuki TS 185cc 1975, a Honda Dax 50cc (became 85cc) an RD 350 LC (whoaa… I should never have sold this one!) then bye-bye the Japanese’s…and hello the proper vinduro….


From the 1968 Bultaco Matador MK3, a 1971 Bultaco Matador MK4 six days, Bultaco Frontera 250cc 1976, a Cotton 1978 250cc, CZ 1965 250cc trails, CCM Armstrong 250cc 1982, Can-am MX6B 1980, SWM 1978 RS.GS, Beta 250 GS 1974, SWM TF1 440cc 1980, KTM 400cc 1977 Penton etc… I am sure to forget 1 or 2… Now, I will restore most of all SWM’s, having 21 in total partly in pieces from 175cc, 250cc and even a 370cc……..so plenty of work ahead!


Please click on the links below, I hope you will enjoy the slideshows


Yamaha YZ motocross 80cc 1984 (The first watercooled!)


Suzuki TS 185cc 1975

 ( a perfect example, the most original bike I own so far, a great99% before restoration, so after it was like new!)



Bultaco Matador MK3 1968….

That was really my first vinduro restoration and I can genuinely say that I was in love with this pile of rust from day one! Probably something to do with the great lines, simplicity and kind of respect of what Mr Bulto was trying to achieve in late 60′s most of all for the USA market!


 Restored over 14 months, but frankly it never really stopped, always looking for a tiny details to make it a true 99% as it should be.(even after 5 years!)


 And the result (twice show winner in light weight and a stunning bike… OK will not race in the next Hot Trod or else, but by now… it’s a piece of history for collectors.


Bultaco Matador MK4 Six Days  1971 ….

That was not an easy bike to restore, was so bad that most parts are new and reproduced… a real Six Days as the one that won the ISDT in 1970 Iles of Man


 The MK4 SD did won best enduro in Show (Alan Wright Classic off road show) in 2008 …or was it 2009???

Both Matadors did get a 5 pages article on VMX magazine issue  36 with all stories that goes with it

I must thank again & again my friend Chris Malam for this introduction to a bit of glory….

Both bikes remain in my collection, unused for years, just kick start time to time, but in a very special environment (heated and dehumidified constantly!)

 Hopefully will be sold one day to a collector,they are 99.50% as they should be and probably the finest  in Europe (no, I do not have an ego problem…they are genuinely fantastic)