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01 August 0   0

Hi everyone, been a long time…

Well its one year that I left England and bought this house in South of France, at the foothills of the Pyrenees.

One year gone quite fast and in all life start now to take form and to be appreciated.

During these 12 months, lots as been achieved, the main house work, the workshop, and tones of paperwork’s as French bureaucracy loves it. It was not all easy, as of course 38 years in UK was not wiping out at a click of a finger.

Workshop is looking great, at least plenty of natural light, space and a pleasure to spend hours in it. Still few details are not yet completed, like ventilation and mostly to reorganised rack shelving’s and few tiny details.

The bigger issue and I do apologise for not having spent enough time on it…the Website is not ready and looks like I will be looking to change my website builder as no progress /enthusiasm to finish it properly.

That is annoying as lots of money spent, but hey!

So, that the reason you will find below 95% of the Boutique/items for sale. That will be new or reproduced ones, but equally have a lot of second hand bits.

Okay, not as nice as a website/E commerce, but will do for now and SWM or Rotax fans knows me and the best way would be to send me an email with a list and questions if any, will send good accordingly (mostly via Mondial Relay) 

On the matter of services for 2024; bikes and engines rebuild, sales of goods (will be present on few events starting at French Championship the 09th June in Marciac (Gascogne) and other events to follow like in Italy etc.

No shock absorber jobs taking for this year and limited job taken as “fully booked “until at least August/September.

Details are the same except obviously new business Bank account and invoices with SIRET numbers.

Contact philippe@oldknobblies.com

Tel: +33 659 40 45 86

Now  “oldknobblies”  l’atelier des vieux crampons is open  for business , visit only by appointments  and for my foreign customers/friends, WhatsApp will be best.

That is all for now, few new products soon on display, 2 bikes that I am finishing as well will be presented, working on the 50th SWM fully rebuild and other projects on the go.

Many thanks for your patience and hopefully  will resolve the website before Autumn,  please do not hesitate to contact me for anything 


Cheers, Philippe.